The time, expense and frustration which often accompany the formal trial court system can take its toll on an individual and businesses. Even with a trial win, parties may not get the results they wanted as the legal bills pile up, and each party has become permanent adversaries. While Bonaventure Law Firm has a slew of impressive courtroom achievements, we recognize that a more pragmatic, cost-effective way may be through arbitration, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We approach your case with that in mind.

Services Provided

Contractual Language

To utilize an alternative dispute method, the parties have to agree to it in advance or the law has to require it. At Bonaventure Law, we counsel clients and provide language for their contracts and other documents used in their everyday business practices. We will work with our clients as well to counsel them as to the advantages and disadvantages for each clause found in contracts they are negotiating. Forum, choice of law, and choice of applicable rules that will be applied are often read through quickly, but they are tantamount to a fair process. At Bonaventure Law Firm, you have the benefit of contract review from our experience from a legal and industry perspective.

Client Representation

Our Firm has substantial experience mediating and arbitrating disputes, both as advocates for particular clients and as neutral mediators. We prepare for mediation and arbitration to expose weaknesses in the other side’s positions, which maximizes our client’s likelihood of success. While most claims have a monetary value, we are cognizable that there are benefits to resolution aside from pecuniary gain, and we work with our clients to ensure that their decision is made based on sound business judgment.

Mediator or Arbitrator

With an extensive background as owner's representative of both small and large companies, as a contractor of both small and large projects, and as construction attorney representing every player (sureties, contractors, subcontractors, designers, owners and vendors), Jason Bonaventure understands construction issues from every angle. His selection as a mediator or arbitrator means you won't have an attorney with no knowledge of the industry or an attorney that represents only one particular client. He employs a focused and efficient pre-mediation or pre-hearing process and manages the dispute resolution process diligently, scheduling frequent management and status conferences as needed, without losing site of the obligation to make the process cost-effective for the parties.