General Counsel Services

The General Counsel Dilemma

Without preventative legal maintenance, proactive contract drafting, smart employment policies and risk management, your company may be at risk. Integrating these critical business components into your overall business strategy could mean the success or failure of your company. Preventative legal maintenance provided by an attorney who gets your industry and gets your business should be a value-added proposition, not a dreaded line itemFor many companies, the answer is to add employ "in-house" counsel and hope they are covering you.  Others employ large law firms that utilize a plethora of attorneys to handle a single issue for a big price tag.  However, for most entrepreneurs and businesses, these two options are neither financially feasible or efficient solutions. 

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The Bonaventure Law Firm Solution

Outsourcing, a solution offered by Bonaventure Law Firm to company's needing legal counsel

At Bonaventure Law Firm, we offer a solution by providing reliable, expert general counsel services to a full range of industries, without "breaking the bank". We know every organization runs in its own way, so we take the time to learn about your business and build a strong relationship.  As part of our engagement, it is our mission to thoroughly understand your company, its culture, its values, and its goals.  Thereafter, for a flat monthly fee, we can manage the day-to-day legal needs of your business.  The result - dependable legal help when you need it and perhaps more importantly, before unnecessary risks and common pitfalls require it.

Services We Offer

At Bonaventure Law Firm, we provide legal support at all levels—from the owners, board of directors, and executives to all business units like human resources, marketing, operations, and administration. We have represented, negotiated with and litigated against some of the most prominent players in a variety of industries throughout Louisiana and Texas.   

Contracts and Other Transactions

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We know how to negotiate contracts and understand business relationships. You will enter into agreements with your eyes open. Clear contracts, fresh and relevant terms and obligations, streamlined enforcement mechanisms with teeth allows you and your customers parameters to focus on products and services. When a dispute arises, you need to know what buttons to push and levers to pull, and you need someone who understands your business objectives advising you in the process. You don't need in-house counsel without courtroom experience nor an hourly firm that will benefit from long drawn out litigation.

Employment & Labor

Group of employees with various employment law issues in background

Clear expectations, fair but firm contractual terms, and consistent disciplinary policies provide security to employees, which results in dependability and loyalty.   We are well-versed in employment policy, agreements, related business transactions and can either help create employment contracts and policy manuals or review and keep update-to-date your current ones. Employment disputes and lawsuits, no matter how meritless, can disrupt the workplace and must be dealt with efficiently and effectively.  We are here to assist!

Risk Management

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Unfortunately, risk can not be eliminated. However with Bonaventure Law Firm's experience and knowledge we can help your business minimize, avoid, mitigate, or manage the risk. Upon our engagement, we will conduct a business practices risk assessment to identify potential business and legal risks. Thereafter, we will set forth a strategy to protect your company that includes eliminating real or potential issues, periodic review of compliance with regulatory needs, insurance policy review, audit assistance, claims management and many more. As your legal counsel, all this is done through the beneficial conduit of privileged communications.

Governance & Compliance

Corporate governance and strategic planning is a key to promoting sustainable growth in your company.   As part of our services, we can assist you with corporate formation and drafting core document (by-laws, operating agreements, etc.). We will advise your board and leadership, not only at meetings, but as needed on issues involving corporate governance.  Lastly, we will provide your business with a system of checks and balances that facilitates accountability among the corporation’s management, business units and board of directors. 

Next Level MPL, LLC

If you are needing a little less help with legal issues and a little more help with management issues, check out Next Level MPL, LLC