Cost-Effective Solutions

Honest communications, experienced advice, and smart strategies are part of what Jason Bonaventure founded this firm on and how he plans to continue to move it forward. In Jason’s view, a lawyer should not be in the sale's business. At Bonaventure Law Firm, the first thing we want to earn from every client is not a hefty retainer, but his trust. We have witnessed first-hand people signing up for lawsuits without a clear understanding of the finances involved. This causes confusion and dissatisfaction – two feelings that we never want our clients to experience. Before we move forward with any representation, it is our promise to our clients that all financial issues are clearly understood.

We pride ourselves on keeping rates low. However, our lower rates should not be misconstrued as lesser service. To the contrary, our rates are lower because we employ sound business practices:

  • Low Overhead = Cost-Savings. We keep overhead to a minimum. High rent skyscrapers are impressive for meetings, but given the choice, we would rather meet you at your office where records and witnesses can be gathered, reducing the need for multiple meetings, needless copy cost, and continuous follow up calls.

  • Cost-Effective Representation Through Experience and Grit, Not An Army of Redundant Attorney. We do not use an army of attorneys and staff, each billing separately, to get you the answer or representation you need. We have assumed the role of David numerous times. We know how to take down Goliath and have proven successful battling giants with their army of attorneys. We have also represented Fortune 500 companies with the same zealous advocacy. Our take-away from our experience is that it is far more efficient and cost-effective for a smaller legal team with grit to produce the same results as a legal team with multiple-layers. In construction parlance, it doesn't matter how many top notch equipment operators you have when there is only one dozer on site.

  • We Use Technology To Your Advantage. In today’s digital world, there is no reason you should not have instant access to your files or account. We utilize a secured server to not only provide you with the access to your case file, but also as a means for you to see the effort we are putting into our representation of you. You won't log in and see an empty file but a full invoice.

  • Pro-Active Rather Than Reactive. Lastly, through our general counsel services, we offer our clients an even more cost-effective service through pro-active legal counsel. A client can not only save money by paying a flat rate rather than hourly ever time it needs to call on an attorney for legal advice. More importantly, however, having us as your "legal department" heads off issues before they become lawsuits or other major financial dilemmas.