BONAVENTURE LAW FIRM, LLC has joined Laperouse, APLC

Operating as a solo practitioner has given me an invaluable experience. However, as Steve Jobs once said, "Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." I am fortunate enough to have found a talented team of attorneys at Laperouse Law who share my ambitions as well as values, and as I close the chapter on Bonaventure Law Firm, I am looking forward to accomplishing great things for our clients at Laperouse Law.   Thanks to all my friends, family, colleagues, and clients throughout  the years that has helped me achieve these successes.

Jason Bonaventure, an Experienced Construction, Business, and Estate Planning Attorney In Louisiana

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Lady Justice, symbolizing our practice handling Claims, Contracts, Construction Disputes, Wills, Trust, and Successions, are some of the areas we practice in Louisiana

Experienced Construction, Business, & Estate Planning Lawyers

Attorneys Who Know Their Field of Practice with Strong Ties to Louisiana

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Insights into construction issues from an attorney with 25 years of practice in the industry to help you succeed not only on a project but in your construction business.

Here are a few insights based for the Louisiana construction industry to help you plan 2023.

If you have minor children, are a single parent, or have a blended family with children, then estate planning through wills, trust and other documents are something you should strongly consider.